Your Social Life: It’s also a job.

Not all writers are created equal. Some of us like fantasy, some of us dwell in romance, and others stick to technicalities. Personality preferences and style not only show in our work but in our personal lives.

When you write or communicate as a profession, the lines of professional and personal can become blurred. Social life as profession: Now that’s a horse of a different color.

Don’t get too excited there, Dorothy. Like any other aspect of our lives, our social life needs management. If you compute management with work, then you see where I’m going.

The definition of communication as a whole is the process of creating and managing meaning. Therefore, the tasks and processes to go about initiating new friendships can be seen as work. Businesses understand this and are avidly hiring new fleets of “social media specialists” to start and maintain relationships on their behalf.

As writers, we understand how influence works and we choose whether or not to use it for the good of those around us.

According to a study published in Communication Quarterly, Attribution-based strategies for initiating and terminating friendships, “Both relationship initiation and relationship termination can be viewed as persuasive endeavors in which one is attempting to influence the other party to accept a relationship definition.”

Whether we’re writing to promote a product, service or person, we understand how influence in relationship works. However, because we often define this process in strict terms as work, we may fail to put the helpful tactics we’ve mastered to action when we’re off the clock. Social life as profession, give it a try.

Carry it home with you:

  • Be Intentional – you know what is successful when you create meaning in other arenas, imitate and duplicate your expertise
  • Be Authentic – anyone can catch an insincere pitch or catchy tagline without heart, so can your loved ones and new friends in a false smile or remark
  • Be Available – great ideas come through collaboration, give your social life the space in needs to evolve

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