The Death of an Icon : Steve Jobs

Image : Courtesy of davidgalbraith

When Steve Jobs officially resigned at the end of August, many had a pretty good idea that the condition of his health may be fatal.

With the date of Jobs’ biography being pushed up from March 6th to November 21st more speculations arose, but still, few knew that it would be so soon.

The death of Jobs marks the end of a period in Apple’s history that has seen great success and innovation. To use the word innovation to describe Apple Inc. doesn’t give it justice. There’s got to be a Jobs-worthy word to describe the awesomeness the company created.

None the less, with the loss of Jobs as an organizational leader and the loss of Jobs from life itself, there are many questions to consider:

· Will Apple’s stock price drop?

· Will the company continue its history of excellence?

· What does it mean for the PC/Mac rivalry?

· Will the company’s strategies and efficiencies change?

· What will it be like for new generations of brand subscribers not to identity the brand with the man?


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