Screaming at the Death of JCP Sales

With JCPenney moving to every day low prices and cutting sales completely out of their strategy, it’s crucial that they let the public know.

But, the commerical that’s recently been aired on many cable networks has left many consumers confused and annoyed. Evidence of this is seen on community boards like Yahoo small business and HGTV.

To get the full details on JCP rebranding and pricing strategy, see the Wall Street Journal.

Catch the “annoying” commercial:

I’m surely sad to see sales go. But, I’m convinced that the new strategy will see quality success as Ron Johnson, the former head of Retail operations at Apple, became JCP’s CEO last November. With such a positive response to the commercial, JCP is well on their way to becoming America’s favorite store.

JCPenney’s campaign starts February 1st for their new red, white, and blue pricing. “Fair and square” is a beautiful play on words and speaks to their new logo. It also strikes me that their new logo is similar to the shape of an American flag with the corresponding colors correctly placed. At least in imagery and iconography JCP has a heads up on positioning themselves in the psyche of the American people as the place to shop.

Subconsciously, the typical shopper may feel that it’s patriotic to shop at JCP, due to the imagery used and its place in our historical consciousness. I’m interested to see what other tricks they pull out of the bag in future campaigns.



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