Food Providers Become More Health Conscious

More places where people shop for their food conveniently are helping customers to quickly spot healthy foods. In an article today in the New York Times, we learned that Walmart will be putting “Great for you” labels on its “healthy foods.” They assembled a group of experts to select the foods that would get the label. Walmart has lowered costs on fruits and vegetables and has re-thought the ingredients of some of its products, showing that it’s making an effort to position itself as a healthy grocery store option.

Image: Rawich /

Similarly, Big Y grocery stores have been using the NuVal nutrition system within stores since 2010. The NuVal system is widespread to many other stores across the nation. NuVal bases its rating on an algorithm that looks at healthy nutrients vs. unhealthy aspects of a food item to create a NuVal score. To learn about the science, go here. I don’t quite understand the algorithm, but I’m glad those providing food to our “Fast Food Nation” are continually making changes in favor of healthier lives.


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