Protesters & Petitions Go Out Today Against Apple’s Labor Policies

The petition in support of the rights of the factory workers at FoxConn, reached over 200,000 signatures yesterday according to Today, the petitions were hand delivered to six Apple stores and protesters made demonstrations at major cities worldwide, including Sydney, Australia.

Apple iMac used as a lead capture device

But, as one report in the Washington Post tells us, protesters started and ended their stint at Georgetown within 30 minutes. We care, but how much? Enough to sign a petition online and participate in a highly publicized protest. However, how much power do we have to sway the policies of major companies like Apple Inc. that feed our economy?

Meanwhile, the protest didn’t make headlines in the leading news source in Australia. There’s no mention of it on the Telegraph’s Sydney/New South Wales online section, or the online world news section, in fact, there is a story on the new iPad 3 instead.

Although it is still very much a PC world. I think we’re very addicted to ease and innovation, yet we may not recognize its cost.

See my previous post on Apple, iPads, Education & Inequality here.


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