Valentine’s Day: Time to Authenticate

Authenticity, it’s what really counts. Consumers are demanding more of it from corporations today. It’s easy to automate communication processes or marketing initiatives. Will automation give consumers what they crave the most?

Connection is what consumers are looking to get from corporations. They want an entity that’s going to make them feel alive. They want to feel good about a product or service. They expect you (as the marketer) to create that experience for them.

It all starts with the human element. A form email won’t go far if you haven’t considered your audience.

If you look at a campaign strictly as the opportunity for “x” to cause a positive “y” for yourself, you’ve already lost the battle. Focus on giving to the consumer. How will you craft your message with them in mind? Do you care about your consumer? Are you brave enough to take the risk of being authentic?

Valentine’s Day is a great time to focus in on authenticity. It can start with thank you notes, like the ones in this article in Fast Company.


Whatever you need to do to make a real connection with consumers, do it today (authentically).


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