Apple Receives ‘OK’ from FLA, Earns Rave Reputation & Gains Unexplainable Growth

Apple has been under a great deal of scrutinizing observation lately. But, according to the 13th Annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, they’ve earned the highest reputation score on record. Apple emerged as the leader in 4 out of the 6 categories within the study. Google came in second.

Meanwhile, the president of the Fair Labor Association, indicated today that Apple’s iPad factory conditions were “way, way, above the norm.” He also hinted that it’s more likely that workers are bored and complacent, not sweaty or overworked.

This relatively good news, comes after Apple’s shares sold for more than $500 earlier this week. Apple has seen tremendous growth that some say, defies market predictions and trends. Who are we to thank? Tim Cook? iPad 3? Or the corporation’s enduring culture and psychological branding? I’m betting the latter.


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