Halo: Not Beyonce’s the iPhone’s

Apple Inc., has a strong history of gaining repeat purchasers and having consumers subscribe to more than one product in their line of electronic lifestyle accessories. According to an article, published today in MacWorld, “by the fiscal first quarter of 2009, when quarterly iPod sales reached their peak, Apple was selling 2.5 million Macs and reporting a $1.61 billion profit.”

This strongly indicates that the sale of one product, the iPod, led to the increase in sales of Macs. It’s as if a light bulb turns on in the consumer’s mind, and they want to live in their own Mac world. The article shares, the stats support an every bigger “halo effect” is occurring with the iPhone and the full line of iOS offerings.

This phenomenon is not to be confused with pop icon, Beyonce’s song, Halo, released in 2008, that reflects the experience of someone blinded by love. Although, the lyrics “every where I’m looking now, I’m surrounded by your embrace” may ring true of those Apple supporters who’ve chosen to see the world through iOS colored glasses.


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