Apple MacBook revamped WordPress style

In today’s service and information-based society and the current cultural conscience it’s more and more important to think about the way a corporation’s image, name, and defining characteristics are used by the public.

Intellectual property as defined by Webster is:

Property (as an idea, invention, or process) that derives from the work of the mind or intellect; also: an application, right, or registration relating to this

As you can see, property, as a concept has greatly changed since the days of the musings of John Locke. It’s expanded to include whatever a company creates, and for the individual, you could challenge, it’s whatever they think up.

This thought pervades into the areas of organizational identity, corporate branding, and organizational “assets.” It could also go as far as and logo use infringements. Many online policies say that the user is allowed to access information (images, graphics, etc.) but not use it in any way other than the way the creator intended.

I came across this image the other day, which spurred this whole mind musing to begin with. Logo use infringement? As Apple defines themselves in many ways, by their products, I wonder how the company would feel about this creativity?

Image Source: Matt, Special WordPress Macbook Air

Further, Apple may be under the hot seat themselves, for their iProducts. Take a look in USA Today’s article, “Apple could face trademark trouble.”


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