Senseless Promotion to an Unknown God or the Washington Post, Rather.

So, I was on the Web today (imagine that), and I came across one of the strangest things I’ve seen in a while. A news headline with the title “title unknown.” For a moment I had a flash back to the biblical passage where Paul comes across the altar with the inscription “To an Unknown God.” Was this some kind of modern day counterpart? My mind only stayed on that point for a bit and I snapped out of that deja vu really quick. I was too curious to be philosophical. I thought it was a marketing ploy. So, I clicked.

When I got to the next page, I was utterly surprised by what I saw. I thought for sure that the news release and page promotion had been carefully thought out to pull in readers by the hundreds. But, this is what I found instead.

A legitimately blank page on the Washington Post web page. I had to check myself, I really was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and the marketing bells and whistles to go off. Nothing of that sort was to be found. The section, stating O comments was all I had to console myself. It really was just a blank page.

The Washington Post no doubt put out at least a few pennies to promote this page via RSS or another like-minded effort of content funneling. When was the last time you decided you wanted to spend money on promoting nothing? I’m no saint, and I make mistakes all the time. However, I was really looking forward to the fanciful “You are our 200th customer” or the other side of that click.


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