What Are the Shades of Grey? Category Lines are So Blurred We Have No Idea.

“Shades of Grey, please fade away. . .” – Waking Ashland

Almost anyone with an eye for news and a computer can act as a quasi-reporter. Most people with internet access and can create and publish content via social media or other available platforms. Gone is the siloed approach to communication and promotional efforts. Ultimately, the worlds of advertising, public relations, and journalism have collided and intertwined.

Many have taken advantage of this occurrence to influence uneducated audiences. Advertisements used to be easily distinguishable from editorial. Look at any magazine today, and you’ll see ‘promotional material’ that looks almost identical in style and subject to the the editorial content mirroring it.

You could tell the difference between pr “fluff” and legitimate reporting. Today, the lines have blurred significantly. What are you doing to remain an educated audience member?

Catch Nine West’s release for spring’s garden collection:


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