Shout Out to Small Businesses : Working the Human Element

Everything tastes better when it’s homemade. There is something delicious about food that’s prepared by people that love making it and love simply sharing it with others.

The motivation changes when you bring profit into the mix. When decisions about what goes into the recipe depend on what’s selling at the time, and what’s popular, changes may be made to make a few extra dollars for the business, and the recipe runs the risk of losing quality.

Something else happens when you remove the product from human hands. I guarantee a food made by a machine tastes far less good than momma’s home cooking. With that said, I got a blueberry muffin from A Little Something Bakery this weekend. It was far better than its Dunkin’ Donuts counterpart.

In many ways, small businesses are like families and their production is more akin to momma’s home cooking than mass production. There’s surely something special about small business. Funny enough, I came across this bumper sticker this morning while on a jog.


One thought on “Shout Out to Small Businesses : Working the Human Element

  1. codyscustomcontent March 25, 2012 / 12:53 am

    Good analogy. Building relationships is key to building a successful business.

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