Consumers Leverage Mobile Technologies to Redeem Coupons [Infographic]

How can you best leverage mobile technologies for retail? Some industry leaders are predicting that mobile will dethrone the mighty kiosk unit.1 While others see mobile as an opportunity to integrate and enhance digital merchandising deployments across platforms.2 In fact, mobiThinking reports, mobile campaigns see the most success when they are coupled with other media initiatives.3

ICT Data and Statistics Division estimates there are 5.9 billion mobile-cellular subscribers worldwide.4 Total US mobile subscribers number 234 million, in a survey conducted by comScore during the months of December 2011 – February 2012.5

Whether it’s through QR codes, SMS messages, mobile apps, or email, consumers are leveraging mobile technologies to connect with retailers and brands.6 Mobile couponing is one way consumers reach the brands they love. See more stats in the infographic below.

mobile couponing

Infographic courtesy of Microsoft.

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