4C’s: Consider Your Content’s Cultural Context

Audiences are hungry (ravenous even) for good content. Yet, creating quality content is no easy task. As expert blogger, Crosby Noricks pointed out in her post today, you need to know & listen to your audience. Noricks shares that Free People knows their audience so well they created a how-to video on festival body painting (sure that brand supporters would be gearing up for Coachella). They are crafty marketers, indeed!

Marketing content that enters into an existing cultural premise (or event) has the most potential for impact. When you join your audience in something they’re already participating in, you’ve already gained the psychological permission you need to ‘speak’ on the subject.

It’s important to be aware of the way content will be encountered, used, and shared across the web. Audiences often interact with content out of its original wrapper, using RSS and similar services. Pocket (formerly Read It Later), is one of these out-of-the-wrapper services that helps audiences  grab and save content to view later. One of the closing lines in their promotional video is, “The next time you find yourself with more content than time, put it in pocket.”

Creating marketing messaging that is based on a cultural premise, puts you in your audience’s pocket from the start.


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