More Evidence Americans Embrace Variety (It’s Bacon-Flavored)

Unfortunately, the word food doesn’t necessarily indicate something natural. So, it’s no wonder that you can order vanilla mocha lattes and chew spearmint gum. Foods now come in all kinds of flavors. Bacon-flavoring is gaining in popularity. A little over a month ago, I was at a local restaurant and asked for bacon-flavored ice cream. The waitress looked at me like I had two heads, politely declined my request and darted back to the kitchen. Moments later, she returned and apologized that she had given me such a confused look because she was informed by the staff that the restaurant used to carry the delicious dessert.

While, I actually greatly enjoy bacon-flavored items (some call this food), I wouldn’t dare say they are good for your health. Natural foods consistently have a particularly distinct taste. Bacon will taste like bacon. Bread will taste like bread. But in the day we live in, any food can be flavored and modified to taste like something else.

Bruce Horovitz shares today on USAToday, that marketers are engaging the inner deviant adolescent in all of us with a variety of funky food flavors. Meanwhile, the Huffington Post reports that a Burger King in Tennessee has actually added a bacon sundae to their menu.

Bacon flavoring has been a trending topic for the past few weeks. So much so that, titled one of its blog articles “Does the smell of bacon affect the meaning of a word?” when the subject had nothing to do with bacon!

Think Geek seems to be one of the original suppliers of bacon flavored, shaped, or branded items. Although, J&D’s Foods makes a mean Bacon Salt. The next time you are feeling frisky, try a bacon-flavored food item!

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2 thoughts on “More Evidence Americans Embrace Variety (It’s Bacon-Flavored)

  1. plainbagel April 18, 2012 / 7:31 pm

    very nice bacon lattice!

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