5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Thesis or Dissertation

1. Do you love your subject? You would know this if your mouth waters every time you think about it or your heart beats a little faster every time someone mentions something related to it. You would also know if you can’t stop thinking about it and you’ve erected whole work spaces in honor of studying it.

2. Are other people interested in the topic? In academia it’s easy to be a ‘billboard on the moon.’ However, your work will have a greater impact if it’s a topic that scholars are actively discussing and is related to something in the current culture or political climate.

3. Are you willing to live with your topic? Your thesis topic will dominate your thoughts, your time, your resources, your space, and your patience [a lot like a child does, but I wouldn’t know 😉 ]. You’ll eat, sleep, and even breathe it for a considerable amount of time.

4. Ten years from now, will you still be proud of your work? You want to pick something that is so significant to you, that you won’t tire of it in even ten years. Or, that you won’t be embarrassed about sharing with others later in life.

5. Will you complete your thesis? Many students find themselves in a bind to graduate or allow other life happenings (marriage, children, financial issues) to distract them from completion of serious academic work.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nenyaki/2430528033/


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