Yoga Practice: Acquire Ease & Increase Access

Yoga Stretching 2-10-09 10
Yoga Stretching (Image: stevendepolo)

I’ve gotten back into yoga. It really didn’t take much prodding. All I needed was a desire for relaxation matched with one of my friends deciding to start up as well. I did yoga in previous years but never really knew what I was doing. In the past few months, I’ve learned yoga is all about ease & access.

Yoga Success is when you push yourself  with ease to your body’s limit, then find you have access to greater strength, balance, and flexibility than you realized. It’s about learning your body’s limitations while accepting any new flexibility you’ve gained. Of course, any guru will tell you it runs deeper than that. They’ll tell you it’s about your mind and it’s about “watching the mind.” But, I’m content with the level of enlightenment I’ve attained. 😉


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