Sell a Message, Not a Product

Last week, I dashed into my local gas station to pick up an AMP energy drink. It’s one of the only energy drinks I like despite the fact that many different types are becoming more popular. To my surprise, thee was a rack in the gas station stocked with AMP branded cellphone chargers. Now, I already buy into the idea that the AMP brand means energy for my body, but should it also mean energy for my digital device?


Brands often will merchandise apparel to increase brand exposure. As a culture we’re already accustomed to branded T-shirts and hats. It’s evident that the cost to manufacture consumer electronics has decreased enough to begin utilizing that channel as another source of brand promotion. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if more beverage companies didn’t start shifting their R&D to initiatives in the electronics & media space.

In an interview on Content Conversations this week with Rebecca Lieb, the fact that RedBull has positioned itself as a media company not a beverage company was discussed. In fact, see all the great content RedBull’s been creating in their Content Pool. A branded message once created can be easily adapted to multiple platforms. Sell a message, not just a product.


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