When How-Tos Are Subconsciously Buy-Me!s

I love to sing. I’ve been doing it for most of my life — but never professionally. Therefore, I need all the help I can get. I sing with a local group in my area. Our amazing team leader sent out the video below via email today.

To my great surprise, this informative video about proper mic technique was a solid piece of content marketing. Let’s study it, shall we?

The video is giving useful information to the intended audience (vocalists). It clearly states the brand’s name and explains that they provide microphones.

The brand’s name, Audix, is prominently displayed on the mic at all times and even on the drum kit behind the singer. At the end of the video, the viewers are given the company’s web address and invited learn more by watching more videos. Essentially, this is an invitation for the viewers to be exposed to the brand even more in an additional video.

Communication research shows that people are much easily persuaded by subtlety than direct advertising. In this video, while the brand’s presence is evident, the viewers attention is captured by the information presented.

The video offers useful information and is likely to increase brand exposure and credibility with the 4,000 or so people who watched it. Consumers will buy products from companies they perceive are knowledgeable about their subject area. Kudos to Audix on creating an informative series of videos targeted directly at their prospective consumers!


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