3 Ways Technology Makes Me a Better Person

I use technology every day to: get from place to place, communicate with friends, and do my job. 3 instances where technology has helped me to become a “better person” are listed below.

Technology Helps Me Become A Law Abiding Citizen

Since my move to the Constitution State, I’ve taken up a habit of moving steadily with the flow of traffic. Up until recently, it hasn’t become an issue. Now that the law has buckled down on my Delawarean native behind, I’ve had to come up with some creative ways to not exceed the speed limit.

Cruise Control has helped me to keep my speed down. Now, I’m no longer with the pack, I’m the one law-abiding, cruising behind.

Cruise Control System symbol Polski: Kontrolka...
Cruise Control System symbol Polski: Kontrolka tempomatu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Technology Helps Me Become A Better Friend

I stumbled across (not on StumbledUpon) an app today called, Birthday Express. The ingenious app syncs with fancy social networking sites like Facebook to gather all the birthdays of all your facebook friends. Now, I can be known as not just the social butterfly but the thoughtful one. Dear friends, I will still sincerely wish you Happy Birthday — these are just tools.









Technology Helps Me Become An Instant Expert

I’ll never forget back in my college days when I was required to read, analyze, and report on hundreds of pages of classic literature each evening for the next day’s class. It was a difficult task. I soon learned it was better to take the classes that only met twice per week so that I had a decent shot at actually completing the reading. I have to admit, I used the help of Cliffsnotes and Benet’s Readers Encyclopedia. Sometimes, I didn’t do the reading, but I sure sounded like I did. I entered the conversation intelligently. Today, I can google my way to a myriad of condensed sources that will give me just the right amount of information I need to speak intelligently on almost any topic.


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