5 Ways to Avoid Tanorexia

Always wear protective eye wear

I know you’ve seen the signs posted near the booth that tell you to make sure you wear your eye wear. It’s not just to protect your eyesight. It’s also to make sure you don’t start seeing imaginary things – like imagining your skin is too pale or not tanning.

Don’t use indoor tanning lotion with caffeine

Caffeine is a highly addictive substance. It’s added to many tanning lotions. You know that “feel good” moment you have after tanning? It may just be the UVs but it’s likely that kick of caffeine in your blood stream.

Tan every other day; Not every day

Humans easily get attached to habits. We like routine. If you tan everyday, you’re sure to get too much exposure. Also, you will significantly increase your risk of cancer. Give your skin a break and tan every other day if you must.

Get some sun outside every once in a while

Getting some natural sunlight can disrupt the chronic cycle of tanning addiction. Getting some natural sunlight might lessen your craving for rays and you’ll be able to skip a day of tanning. Just make sure you wear sunblock.

Don’t compare yourself to Snookie

No matter what you do, don’t compare your tone to sun bathing beauties or spray-on tanners. You’ll more often than not feel like you want to be more tan. This feeling will support your desire to tan more often (the opposite of what you want).

Be safe. Enjoy the sun indoors & out. But, realize when you have a serious problem.

Disclaimer: If you or someone you care about has any type of addiction, please seek professional help. This post is in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or make light of any form of disease.


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