To Tell or Not to Tell?

English: Post office boxes, post office, La Co...
Post office boxes, La Conner, Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I walked into my local post office today to find a complete remodel underway. I was disoriented because the familiar entrance door was intact but inoperable. A brand new door in a different location was now the new entrance. Further, when I entered, the P.O. Boxes, the section I always go to without thought, were on the opposite side than I remembered.

Once I realized where the boxes were, I couldn’t find mine because I had learned to check it by its position and location, not by its number. As I was checking my mail, I realized many other people in the pho post office were feeling a similar sense of bewilderment and confusion.

Outside, all of the regular post boxes were removed and many people had to find the new mystery door and walk into it. After that, there were still no boxes inside, just a mail crate with a Xeroxed piece of plain paper labeled “OUTGOING MAIL.” Why does everything the post labels have to be in ALL CAPS? Regardless, I heard the frustration in the customers (or are we citizens?) voices with a little tinge of irritability and dislike.

No one, from what I could see was getting super angry or throwing a really big fit, because they were so perplexed and bewildered about the sudden changes. It seems the government and this local post office branch knew what it was doing when it didn’t announce or make blatantly public that they were going to remodel. Patrons (yea, let’s be patrons) were too confused to formulate a method of attack or backlash.

So, the question arises, is it better to keep patrons well informed when your business, or in this case a government entity’s physical location will undergo changes. I guess in some sense, a restaurant could lose a lot of business if they didn’t make their plans clear. However, the government can do what they want, and they don’t have to really care if it’s what you want done.


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