5 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Summer


Bilch (beer and milk shandy)
Bilch (beer and milk shandy) (Wikipedia)

For some, beer is a seasonal beverage, they only drink it during certain seasons. For many, summer is their beer season. With fancy advertising for Coronas with Lime enjoyed at exotic vacation spots, who wouldn’t raise a glass? Companies like Sam Adams and Leinenkugel only promote certain beers during specific seasons. A good Summer Shandy and I’ll be a happy camper.

Time with Friends

English: Summer Friends
Summer Friends (Wikipedia)

I have a bad habit of always keeping myself too busy with non-fun stuff no matter what month or season it is. But, my friends don’t usually roll with that rule. In the summer time, they are usually more available to hang out, and that means I get to see them more often.


Sun Pillar
Sun Pillar (Photo credit: tomhe)

I’m excited for natural, real sun — not the booth sun. Equally as harmful, yet just as easily enjoyed. I love sitting out in the sun of summer, soaking up its rays. It doesn’t matter if I’m spending my day out running errands, as long as I get a little golden.

Music Festivals

English: An overview of the main stage and cro...
2006 Florida Music Festival. (Wikipedia)

I used to be a dedicated attendee of the Purple Door music festival in Lewisberry, PA. It was always my last hoorah before the new semester started or the signal of the busy season at work. I’ve heard there are a few good festivals to hit up this summer. Summer time is always a great time to relax and see lots of favorite artists all in one place.


A True vacation spirit
True vacation (Photo credit: Kenzoka)

I don’t take these. At least I haven’t any time in the past 5 years. But, this summer, I’ll be taking a weeklong vacation. I’ll finally get to learn what it means to unplug and get re-energized (hopefully). Let’s see if Florida treats me well.

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