3 Cool Things I Re-learned about My Brother

Image: The T-Shirt List Dot Com

1. He listens to cool music
Whether it’s Cassino, Bon Iver, or True Religion, my brother is always rocking out or bobbing his head to something that makes you feel alive. I always go to him when I need to revive my music collection.

2. He has an awesome sense of humor
No matter what situation we’re in, he can find a way to make a joke out of it. Even if a rooster is crowing at 6am while you’re on vacation, he could make you laugh it off.

3. He’s a chick magnet
It always amazes me why my brother attracts so many ladies. He’s not your traditional “ladies man” by any means. We’ll walk along together in public and females just flirt with him or send him a sweet smile. This, of course, makes me feel awkward as his older sister. The lady in question usually takes that as a sign that I with him (eek!) — when in reality we’re siblings!

Spending some time with my bro has shown me some undeniably cool things about him. Maybe you’ll meet him sometime 😉


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