Review: GymPact & RunKeeper Apps


Inspired by a delightful article I read in FastCo Exist this week, today I tried out an incentive-based app called GymPact. To get started, you download the free app and commit to working out at a gym a certain number of times per week. You are rewarded for the workouts you make and fined for the ones you miss. You get to revise your commitment weekly.

I was a little bit skeptical but decided to try it out. What really hooked me is that the app, GymPact, has created a partnership with RunKeeper, the well-known running tracking app and coach. Now, activity in RunKeeper can count toward workouts in GymPact. So, I created an account with both GymPact and RunKeeper and downloaded both apps. I followed the instructions and set out for my run tracking my activity via GPS in RunKeeper. At the completion of the workout, the data was automatically synced to GymPact and my reward for running was calculated. I made $5 for something I’d do anyway. Genius.

The apps were easy to download and to navigate. One part that ‘s a little sketchy is that GymPact collects your credit card information during enrollment (so they know where to charge you for missed workout fees). However,  it only took me a few minutes to get started and at the end of my workout, I was 5 dollars richer. Both apps are worthwhile and when combined they’ll blow your mind.

I started running three months ago and at this point, I can’t get enough of it. To stumble upon something that will reward me for doing something I love, and motivate me on off days, is a god-send.


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