How Did I Get Here? Targeted Click-throughs (Old Navy)

Email Marketing: Targeted Click-throughs (Old Navy)

How did I get here?

Old Navy is one of the few mass marketing e-mailings I don’t mind getting. But today, there was a little surprise for me. Upon opening, I mindlessly touched the graphic. I was directed to the boys section on the Old Navy site. Staring down at my phone in disbelief, I thought, did Old Navy have me demographically pinned as a boy or as a mother who would buy boy’s clothes? I had no idea why I was directed there. I have no need to purchase boy’s clothing.

Targeted Genius?

Then, I revisited the email and found that each person in the image when clicked directed the user to that section. How fun! When I clicked on the man, it took me to mens’ clothes, when I touched the graphic of the woman, it took me to ladies’ clothes. Now, I know this is pretty easy to do with hotspots, etc. Nevertheless, I thought it was pretty cool. It’s common that ‘buttons’ for different departments would take the user to different places. But, I had never thought to link different ‘people’ to different places. I do wonder how many people would end up in a totally irrelevant section like I did though.

Email Marketing: Targeted Click-throughs [Old Navy]


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