Facebook Ad: No Ideas But in Things

Poet William Carlos Williams is famous for his philosophy and mantra, “No ideas but in Things.” It seems Facebook has subscribed to that worldview in their new ad, “Chairs.” The ad has been out since early October and has gained the attention of the youtube audience (over 1,500,000 hits) and the traditional media.

The ad had its first parody three days after it was released followed by a few others. Facebook’s ad has also received criticism from marketing professionals. As Facebook’s first branded video, it may be a pre-mature concept of the company’s projected identity.


I appreciate the message itself “Things that connect us” better than its video portrayal. With the message alone, I’m free to imagine what those things may be (not chairs). Facebook’s ad is classy, artistic, and professional. It’s not likely to engage their current mass user audience, but; it may attract those interested in Facebook’s advertising solutions.


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