With Our Powers Combined We Can Rid Wikipedia of Yellow Pop-up Ads

If you spend any time on Wikipedia, you may have noticed that this year’s fundraising campaign is in full-swing. Potentially taking a cue from the advertising 101, this year’s campaign features a bright yellow banner message that pops up when you are browsing Wikipedia. It is virtually impossible to miss.

The message itself is similar to previous years, describing a very practical way that the fundraising goal can be met immediately if everyone gave the “price of a cup of coffee.” Sometimes that section is switched out to say if everyone gave $5. The only difference in the message I noticed was the end note, “Please help us forget fundraising and get back to Wikipedia.”

In the past, Wikipedia has used banners at the top of each wikipedia page with an image of the founder, Jimmy Wales, and the request to “Please read: A personal appeal. . .” Satirical imitations of the banners have popped up all over the internet poking fun at his personal appeal over the years.

As a part of 2011’s campaign, there was some variety to the banner advertisements and banner ads with multiple personal appeals. Also, there were five different banner ads tested for effectiveness. Want to see a list of test banners used in last year’s campaigns and their click and donation rates? Click the image below.  Also, see the 2011 campaign results here.

I’m still undecided on whether I’ll donate to Wikipedia this year. But, maybe when you see that yellow banner pop up in your way, you’ll consider it.

Update: Wikipedia has made it even easier for you to give.

Picture 19


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