Why the Little Branded Details Matter

Customers will notice when something isn’t as it should be. Today, while I was at a well-known bakery cafe, I overheard someone saying, “Did they run out of napkins? I’m pretty sure these are not THEIR napkins.”

I appreciate the company’s ability to get the customer to associate a specific type of napkin with their café. However, one lesson here is that if you are going to take the time to infuse your brand into everything, including your napkins, you better keep it up.


Now, the devil’s advocate would say, “How do you know that customer that made the comment didn’t just recognize the napkin because it was more familiar to them?” That is another viable explanation. In that case, the maker of the replacement napkin has made such an impression on the customer that they know it doesn’t belong at this café.

Either way, brand association IS impacting the person in the example above. This is why those little branded details matter.

Sure enough, I saw one of the cafe employees pull a package of Marcal napkins out of the storage closet.


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