Look out Silicon Valley, You’ve Got Competition

Where do you expect the next technology giant will emerge from? According to a recent article by Jimmy Daily of State Tech, there’s a whole network of Silicon-esque hotbeds in the United States. Some locations you’d be able to guess and others you wouldn’t, here’s the full list:

  • Silicon Alley — New York City, New York
  • Silicon Bayou — New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Silicon Beach — Los Angeles, California
  • Silicon Canal — Seattle, Washington
  • Silicon Desert — Phoenix, Arizona
  • Silicon Forest — Portland, Oregon
  • Silicon Harbor — Charleston, South Carolina
  • Silicon Hill — Washington, D.C.
  • Silicon Hills — Austin, Texas
  • Silicon Prairie — “The Heartland”
  • Silicon Shire — Eugene and Springfield, Oregon
  • Silicon Slopes — Utah

Each of these places named in reverence to Silicon Valley can quickly become the ideal springboard for the nation’s next biggest innovation.

Read more on each “Silicon” here.


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