3 Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask

What’s your company line? Get your team on the same page.

Carmine Gallo demonstrates how to quickly describe Lush's USP
Carmine Gallo quickly describes Lush’s USP

The larger your business grows the more interactions you’ll have with “the outside world.” It’s not efficient to reinvent your elevator pitch every time you chat about your company. You’ll need to come up with a general response that you can modify with details that are relevant to your audience.

In an ideal world, each of your employees will naturally promote your company when talking with friends, family, and posting on social media. But, how often do your current team members do so? Help your employees by preparing a subconscious script when it comes to what the organization is about, what its goals are, and how it provides value. Weave this script into your corporate culture and internal messaging and model this response for your employees.

Where are you going? Frame the change.

You know where you want your company to go, you have plans regarding how to get there, but, are you communicating your vision to employees? Sometimes fulfilling your vision may cause significant changes for employees. Be humble and transparent when explaining the need for these changes and how employees will benefit in the long run.

One example of this is first round process documentation. Frankly, when you ask an employee to document how they complete a task, especially if it’s one of their primary job functions, you are asking them to make themselves disposable. Not too many employees will enjoy feeling like they are easily replaced. You should highlight the opportunity as something for the growth of both the company and the employee.  For example, once the task is documented that employee could train someone under them as they move up in the ranks (as long as there are ranks to climb, wink, wink). If you have the right employees working for you and invest in your team, company growth will often result in professional advancement for most team members.

How does your business work? Put all your ducks in a row.

Documentation allows you to keep a record of how your business works. If you are looking to sell your company or need to attract additional capital you need to be able to verify the interworkings and processes of your business. You’ll need to show how each department operates and keep records of profitability. Despite resistance you may receive from employees, just get it all down on paper.

Where do you go from here? Take stock of your company’s internal messaging, your vision casting, and how you’re challenging your employees to see where you can improve. These are basic practices, but you’d be surprised how many organizations struggle in at least one of these areas.


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