Super Bowl XLVIII: GoDaddy supports real woman’s puppetry passion [Video]

I watch the Super Bowl because it’s a significant media event and it’s a fun opportunity to get together with friends. One of the ads that caught my attention and is listed among one of the best by Seth Stevensen, writer at Slate, was GoDaddy’s ad in the second quarter. Watching it in a crowded room of people, I had no idea what was really going  on when it aired. But, after looking more closely, I can see the ad emphasizes a twist on the typical American dream.

The traditional American dream ideology emphasizes that you need to work hard and become the best at something and then stick with it. The woman, Gwen, shown above, “quits her day job,” to pursue her passion for providing puppet shows for children. Not what you’d expect an upstanding American citizen to do.

The ad also is seemingly the only one that aired during the Super Bowl that featured a real person (leave comments below if you saw another one). GoDaddy capitalized on the desire and thirst that our culture currently has for authenticity and connection. While the ad differs from GoDaddy’s traditional “Look! Hot chicks” angle, it matches the messaging of their recent television ads that focuses on small business owners who need an online platform.

Gwen’s “I Quit” ad is reminiscent of the video that went viral back in the fall featuring Marina Shifrin, another real person who quit her job to pursue her passion. Both videos evoke the boldness and tenacity that’s required to take a step in a new direction without knowing what will happen. This tolerance for risk-taking is entrepreneurial in essence, again, another nuance that ties into our common American cultural identity.

I am interested to find out how many traffic hits, leads, and booked shows Gwen gained from the 30-second TV spot. I also wonder if Gwen will become a reappearing character in Go Daddy’s TV ads moving forward like Geico’s gecko. We shall see. . .need a puppet show? Contact Gwen via Need a standup comedian, check in with Marina here.


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