HOPA Dry Erase Girl (2010) makes a reappearance on social networks


Facebook’s recent deal to acquire WhatsApp, makes me think that we are getting closer to having one primary social network that we do everything on. While, the logistics of such a feat are complicated, I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next five years, there are only 2-3 primary game players in the social networking sphere.

But the “big boys” wouldn’t get anywhere without content! Stories that are similar to one another tend to become popular around the same time and are repeated over and over in a culture (read: meme). Floating around Facebook this morning is a story about a young assistant who quits her job via a dry erase board. Take a look at it here. It was revealed later that it was a hoax put on by two masterminds at the Chive.

This story is four years old, but due to a recent resurgence of stories about female employees who have quit their jobs, it has gained interest again. The story is similar to the Super Bowl commercial where the puppeteer quits her day job and the story about the woman who was frustrated with the company’s focus on quantity over quality who teasingly left her post  via viral video.

Content creators and social media savants, make sure you are watching the trends and have relevant content top of mind and queued for publishing!


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