How Many Brands Touch Your Life in a Day?

branded chocolate

It’s not often that we pay attention to how we are interacting with brands on a daily basis. The other day, I was thinking about my to-do list and listing each store that I was headed to. Then a light bulb went off. Does this mean that I’m a brand subscriber for each of these places simply because I shop there? Some would say “absolutely,” while others would ask how often I shop there and if I am a member of the company’s rewards program.

From the clothes I wear to the car I drive, to the label on the food I eat, there are so many brands that I interact with everyday. This got me wondering … if I could count them, how many brands touch my life daily? I’m going to do my best to count each one tomorrow. My guess is I’ll notice about 80 percent of them. Look out for a follow up post with a list. Share your own daily brand interactions in the comments below.


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