Old Navy’s Sly Spring Ad Campaign Featuring Amy Poehler

sscroppedHave you heard about Old Navy’s current sale? I have. . .but for multiple reasons. . .I’m a member of their emailing list, I’m sure I’ve visited the site enough to be targeted for ads in my browser (like the one to the right), and I heard a young girl scream yesterday, “All dresses are on SALE,” as I passed the store.

Aside from the real life uninhibited screaming of a young shopper, one of the best ways that I was informed about the sale was through a bit of advertainment. I opened an email blast, clicked through the video, and voilà without realizing it I was knee-deep in an advertisement, indulging in a short entertaining skit. The video shows the epic Amy Poehler as a mock chain Mexican food server (seems like Chipotle!) having a vivid conversation with a customer regarding her eating and shopping preferences! It’s been viewed 258,646 times in the past 6 days since it’s been posted! Watch below!

Old Navy created a call to action asking the reader to watch, “Old Navy TV,” drawing the subsriber in by offering a seemingly fun distraction. Advertainment isn’t anything new in the advertising world, but, the way that brands choose to execute and deliver this type of messaging to consumers is become more and more subtle yet interactive.

Old Navy Call to action

One other thought . . . I wonder how many of Old Navy’s shoppers and credit card holders watch Parks and Recreation, eat at Chipotle, and have a buying history of snatching up dresses at the beginning of Spring? If I had to pick the customers that this campaign would most appeal to, it would be those that fit that profile.


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