And You Thought Business Wasn’t Personal?

business personal

When surveyed, people indicated that they wouldn’t want to automate any portion of their personal relationships. However, in business, we are constantly suggesting that we automate repeatable processes in order to increase productivity and to earn more money. While, initial conversations aren’t often harmed by automation, you need to make sure that you make a personal impression.

You’ve heard it said, “Separate your business and personal life.” Now, if you are taking this simply as a prescription to avoid the complications and potential unethical behavior associated with entertaining an office romance, it’s a fine epigram.

Getting Personal is Unavoidable

However, you can’t overlook the fact that business is indeed personal. Especially, if you are in a professional services business, you are selling what your company can do or what it is you offer. You are repackaging and marketing the skills and talents that your team has. Communicating that value is an endeavor that’s uniquely personal, based on integrity and demonstrated experience.

I’m sure you’ve also heard, “No one cares what you know if they don’t know how much you care.” If your client doesn’t think that you have their best interests at heart, you aren’t going to get very far.

Use the Situation to Your Advantage

I’m not suggesting that you obliterate the boundaries between your business and personal life, but, in many cases, it is helpful to recognize that creating a business relationship starts much the same way as any healthy relationship. Use your personal skills in your business life to explore information, create affinity, establish trust, and honor commitments.


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