These 3 Candies are like those 3 Leading Marketing Tactics

If you’ve been a sass notes reader for any period of time, you know we often throw in a twist. This month, we’re going to take a look at three of your favorite candies (just in time for Halloween) and how they are like three well-known marketing tactics. Ready?

#1 Twizzlers


The sad truth about Twizzlers is that they are like something you can pass on until you’ve taken that first bite. Once you do, you are jolted into a sweet, tempting taste that can be enjoyed in small bites or even used a straw in your favorite cola. If your doing your job, this is what your website content is like to your users. Sweet, addicting and multifaceted.

Users may overlook your site, but once they’ve visited they’ll be hooked. They will enjoy each part of your site page by page and you will give them something to come back for (byte by byte).

 #2 Snickers


Snickers are a charming combination of caramel, peanuts, chocolate and nougat. Many people who don’t typically enjoy these tasty treats by themselves love the unique taste of them together. It’s the combination that makes the passion happen.

When you pull together a successful ad campaign there are at least four different pieces that come together to make it great. 1). The idea 2.) The design 3.) The channel strategy 4). The delivery. Any one of these without the other would make your ad campaign just a collection of parts and pieces. No glorious multi-layer synergy.

 #3 Hershey’s Chocolate Bar


Last but not least we have good old faithful, the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar. It’s the same consistency and goodness throughout. You never get any negative surprises and you call it up easily when that’s what you are craving.

Your monthly email blast is a regular reminder to your subscribers of the virtual, consistent goodness you are to them. I know you have subscribers who open every month and those who open every three months. Similarly, some people are interested in pure chocolately goodness more or less often than others.

I bet you’ll never think of these candies or tactics in the same way again. Which candies will you include in your  marketing this fall? Make sure to mix it up for your customers so that they get a treat not a trick.

Note: These candies are registered trademarks of The Hershey Company and Mars, Incorporated respectively.


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