4 Things that Make Every Marketer Give Thanks

This Thanksgiving, we’ve put together a post that highlights 4 things marketers can’t live without and are mighty thankful for.


A brand platform lets you create a voice and an image to share in the public’s mind. A brand is a locus of attention on a specific idea, feeling and promise. Without brands, it would be exceedingly difficult to communicate differentiation to today’s consumers.


You need to sleep sometimes, right? Companies, teams and individuals can gain better reach when they add content scheduling and automation to their interactions. You should still add that personal touch to your communications but you can make a larger impact if you are able to message many people at once.


These tell you how well you are doing. Someone once said “if you aren’t measuring, you aren’t marketing” and it couldn’t be more true! Analytics show you how to improve and where your successes lie.

Curated Content

“The highest form of flattery is imitation,” is a well-known paraphrase from authors Jeremy Collier and André Dacier in the early 19th century. This relevant idea plays itself out in today’s world by giving many variations of a content theme through curation. Because who has the capacity to come up with “original” ideas all the time?

No matter what your profession, what are you most thankful for?


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