New Year: New Me, New You?


It’s that time again, the new year. I can’t tell you how many weight loss and degree admissions ads I’ve heard on the radio over the past week. I know, I know, everyone wants to improve. I’m guessing a large majority of the American public wants to be more fit and more skilled. Who blames them, or me, or you?

What strikes me the most (and many advertising copywriters will chagrin at me pointing this out) is that these types of ads want to make you feel like you NEED to try their diet plan or enroll in their program or you will never succeed. I’m not saying that these things won’t work for you, I only argue this type of single-minded determinism may not be the best route to go down.

In this new year, let’s remember that we already have within us the ability and power to make the changes that we want. We just have to get enough courage to move forward and decide how we are going to do it.

If it’s going to be the program and the plan from the radio, great — but, do it with all your heart. If you choose another approach or get a recommendation from your friend, go that route — but, fully commit to your success. The closer you align what you want with what will work for you, the more successful you will be.

Here’s to a great start of 2015.


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