Two Email Subject Line Tips for Your V-Day Campaigns

valentine imageryIf you are like most marketers you capitalize on certain times of year to get even more exposure for your messages. Around Valentine’s Day, consumers are inundated with so many love messages, I’m sure they feel a little love sick. They may even be seeing red through all that romantic imagery. To help you find the middle of the road and nail it this Valentine’s Day, here are two tips for your email subject lines.

Crystal Clear

You may have a fancy pants copywriter on hand that’s addicted to implied messages and subtle hints. Be wary, he/she isn’t good news for your Valentine’s campaign. Here’s why: AWeber Communications found that it’s better to be clear than to be catchy. Their case study showed a clear subject line can get 541% more clicks than one that makes the reader think.

Super Short

People don’t like to think while they browse their email. They act in a stimulus response nature, seeking out what seems the easiest and has the highest reward. Similarly, whatever you decide to write in that subject line — make it snappy! MailerMailer showed that the highest performing subject lines are between 4 – 15 characters!

I’ll leave it up to you to come up with the right combination of form and function when assembling the actual words in your subject lines. You want to attract attention, make them curious and tell them what their reward is. Here’s one hint I’ll give you, some people are keen on the word “sweet” to get Valentine recipients to open. Hug your mom for me and tell your paramour that I said “Hello!”


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