Verizon Focuses on Quality when Sprint Cuts Price

Verizon took little time to respond to Sprint’s Cut Your Bill in Half campaign. These artfully done lifestyle-inspired, moment-in-time spots show what it’s like to live with the Verizon network in your pocket or what you’ll experience with the other guy.

Each scenario is described by two people who are seemingly similar in either age, socio-economic class, or situation. However, don’t let those looks fool you, what you hear is in direct contrast to what you see at first blush.

The background on each side is decorated similarly and each person is dressed to complement one another. Aesthetically, you are looking at a mirror-imaged set, each side made to look exactly like the other with the exception of the people being different. This gives you a sense of similarity that is later counterpointed by the extreme difference in the experience of each of each of the users. This sense of coming toward and then moving away makes you pay attention to what’s going on by violating your expectations.

image(3)image(2) image(4)

When you watch these ads Verizon may want you will empathize with the non-Verizon customer and feel the frustration found in each situation. The message is clear, you don’t want the hassle of poor service and the embarrassment that comes with it. Poor service negatively impacts your daily life. In addition, you’re invited to happily pay more money to avoid that discomfort.

I’d say it’s a powerful response to the Cut Your Bill in Half campaign that speaks to both Verizon’s broad customer base and its potential customers. I can’t wait to see how the competition responds.


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