Brand Confusion? Just Alpha Up. That’s What Google Did.


When the name of your company has become the verb that everyone and (quite literally) their mother uses to talk about searching for something, you’re going to face a lot of difficulty introducing a new product line like tech’s best Utopian dreams.

And just to make sure you don’t run out of opportunities for naming of these new lines, you’ll need to pick something that’s multi-faceted, universal and just as unique as your current brand. It’s got to be something that everyone can relate to and recognize as fundamental, foundational and necessary for every day life.

Enter, Alphabet. What other name can you think of that has 26 pre-included hooks (read: letters) to name businesses and services after. While Google hasn’t made an official statement saying that they intend to designate a venture under each letter, Tech Crunch takes a stab at listing possibilities.

Among the most interesting alphabetical call-outs are Calico, a bio-engineering fountain of hoped youth, Makani, kites that take advantage of wind power and Vehicles (Google self-driving car). Coming later to the story during the week we learned, BMW, which is also owns an Alphabet of its own suited up and delivered A-B-Cs of their Alphabet service, you can see it here.

Whether the search giant is merely keeping with their consistent theme of fundamentals or strategically chose a name that opens their brand to many possibilities, only time will tell. What’s for sure is that they’re willing to step on the toes of BMW and an eCommerce-based distributor (think: everything you need from a to z) in their new larger than life branding schema.


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