“Let me take a Selfie.”


Some people are early adopters of tech gadgets, I’m a late adopter of any software update ever known to man for my phone or computer. I can’t count the number of times I select, “Remind me later.” So, when I got a new phone with iOS 9 and imported my pictures, I was surprised by many photos auto-sorting into a folder called Selfies. I learned that this folder is pre-defined by Apple and there’s no way to delete it. I asked around and many of my friends had a similar experience! Is this a smart way to increase the amount of Selfies people take? Maybe. It’s at least one way to create a database of people’s portraits.

In 2013, “Selfie” was named Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year, and has since swelled in popularity, becoming the name of a 13 episode TV show by ABC and a fun song by the Chainsmokers. New gadgets like selfie sticks are available in any fine retailer near you. Some say this is evidence that we live in a culture increasingly interested in ‘me’. But, self-portraits  are some of the most popular types of paintings and have been around since ancient Greek and Egyptian times. Today, most Americans carry a ready-made artist in their pocket that can produce a self-portrait in 1.5 seconds flat. Good thing Apple has now created a way to organize them!


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