Oprah’s Joy of Bread Starts Bachelor Night

Monday evening of this week, I was hanging out with my Dad getting ready to watch the latest episode of the Bachelor on ABC. We were all hooked up with our usual: wine glasses brimming with a nice varietal and a pepperoni, cheese and cracker plate that we deemed Instagram-worthy.

While we waited for Ben and the girls to come on, we were beckoned by the soothing voice and familiar visage of Oprah Winfrey. Appearing on screen exclaiming passionately, yet without context, “This is the joy, for me, I love bread.” I looked over at my Dad then back at the screen unsure at first at what I was seeing, but, paid closer attention. Here’s the spot for you to see yourself.

Oprah appears so authentic, so sincere and so forthright, I felt compelled to mosey over to weightwatchers.com.

Sometimes you just have a feeling about something, a little intuitive nudge that makes you want to look into something further, some call this a hunch, gut-feeling or if you’re Marvel a spidey sense. When you look further, sometimes you find that there was something to your pinch from the universe.

That night, I decided I wanted to write about the ad, it had such pure, relatable emotion.

Leaving no time wasted, after hitting TV with the spot on Monday night, Oprah tweeted on Tuesday “Eat bread. Lose weight. Whaaatttt? #ComeJoinMe” with a link to her “I eat bread everyday” moment.

Apparently, my hunch to write about the ad had something to it, because it’s been reported that response to Oprah’s Tuesday tweet made her $20 million by up-ticking Weight Watchers stock.

So many of us love our bread and we’ve demonized it so severely that when Momma Oprah helps us see the light of moderation we think she might be onto something good. 


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