Oprah’s Joy of Bread Starts Bachelor Night

Monday evening of this week, I was hanging out with my Dad getting ready to watch the latest episode of the Bachelor on ABC. We were all hooked up with our usual: wine glasses brimming with a nice varietal and a pepperoni, cheese and cracker plate that we deemed Instagram-worthy.

While we waited for Ben and the girls to come on, we were beckoned by the soothing voice and familiar visage of Oprah Winfrey. Appearing on screen exclaiming passionately, yet without context, “This is the joy, for me, I love bread.” I looked over at my Dad then back at the screen unsure at first at what I was seeing, but, paid closer attention. Here’s the spot for you to see yourself.

Oprah appears so authentic, so sincere and so forthright, I felt compelled to mosey over to weightwatchers.com.

Sometimes you just have a feeling about something, a little intuitive nudge that makes you want to look into something further, some call this a hunch, gut-feeling or if you’re Marvel a spidey sense. When you look further, sometimes you find that there was something to your pinch from the universe.

That night, I decided I wanted to write about the ad, it had such pure, relatable emotion.

Leaving no time wasted, after hitting TV with the spot on Monday night, Oprah tweeted on Tuesday “Eat bread. Lose weight. Whaaatttt? #ComeJoinMe” with a link to her “I eat bread everyday” moment.

Apparently, my hunch to write about the ad had something to it, because it’s been reported that response to Oprah’s Tuesday tweet made her $20 million by up-ticking Weight Watchers stock.

So many of us love our bread and we’ve demonized it so severely that when Momma Oprah helps us see the light of moderation we think she might be onto something good. 


Google Reader Gets Cut: Alternative RSS Reader Options [Video]

Need to replace your RSS aggregator before Google pulls the plug on reader? Here are a few options for you:

Feedly – Magazine or list style reader that currently works with Google’s API
Pulse – Displays feeds as photos
The Old Reader – super similar to Google Reader & will allow you to import your existing feeds

You’ll have until June to get into the habit of scouring your favorite headlines from a new location, but don’t put it off too long!


Distracted? Get the Remedy!

Distraction is an unfortunate struggle in life. Sometimes we can be distracted for months and even years from the things we really want to accomplish. A video posted on Wired yesterday has a nifty distraction management protocol. Find out what it is, in the video below!

Quick & Dirty — Endorsements Now

Linkedin skills

If you haven’t already noticed, last week, LinkedIn rolled out a new feature called ‘endorsements.’ Now with a click of a button you can recommend the skills that your connections list on their profile. It seems like a super easy way to validate the skills and talents that people say they have.

LinkedIn seemed to be just waiting for enough people to list skills to add this feature, as the site asked and encouraged users to add their ‘skills’ repetitively in months prior.

Previously on LinkedIn, only recommendations could be requested using a boiler plate request with the headline ‘Endorse me.’ Looks like LinkedIn has taken it one step simpler by adding endorsements. Personally, it’s been fun to ‘give props’ to my colleagues and friends and to receive the love in return (although that wasn’t what I was after).

Try it out today! 

Review: GymPact & RunKeeper Apps


Inspired by a delightful article I read in FastCo Exist this week, today I tried out an incentive-based app called GymPact. To get started, you download the free app and commit to working out at a gym a certain number of times per week. You are rewarded for the workouts you make and fined for the ones you miss. You get to revise your commitment weekly.

I was a little bit skeptical but decided to try it out. What really hooked me is that the app, GymPact, has created a partnership with RunKeeper, the well-known running tracking app and coach. Now, activity in RunKeeper can count toward workouts in GymPact. So, I created an account with both GymPact and RunKeeper and downloaded both apps. I followed the instructions and set out for my run tracking my activity via GPS in RunKeeper. At the completion of the workout, the data was automatically synced to GymPact and my reward for running was calculated. I made $5 for something I’d do anyway. Genius.

The apps were easy to download and to navigate. One part that ‘s a little sketchy is that GymPact collects your credit card information during enrollment (so they know where to charge you for missed workout fees). However,  it only took me a few minutes to get started and at the end of my workout, I was 5 dollars richer. Both apps are worthwhile and when combined they’ll blow your mind.

I started running three months ago and at this point, I can’t get enough of it. To stumble upon something that will reward me for doing something I love, and motivate me on off days, is a god-send.

Online Dating: 3 Ways to Look for Healthy Self-Esteem

Dinner (Photo credit: Paul Watson)

Disclaimer: I know a lot of people will criticize this post by saying that you cannot believe anything you read on someone’s online dating profile. I challenge, unless you already have an existing relationship with someone, and have built trust, how can you believe anything they would tell you in person to be factual? Nevertheless, here are some useful tips to employ if you choose to analyze the data that’s offered on an online dating site.

Expression in Photos

Take a good look at the photos on the profile. Are they pictures of themselves having fun, with friends, or being silly? Or are they mostly pictures of them solo or with significant-other-looking-type cut out. This will tell you about the way they are choosing to portray how they spend down time. You may learn that they like to hang out with a smaller crowd, or they like spending time alone. Either could be an indicator of his/her self-esteem.

Look deeply into the eyes. I know, this sounds cheesy, but really, no matter what kind of expression is on his/her face you’ll get more information from their eyes. You could learn whether they were sad, anxious, tired, or intoxicated when the photo was taken. You may also see how alive they are to their own emotions. People who aren’t open may be smiling but their eyes will look blank. Make sure their photos match the description they are reporting on their profile.

What They’re Looking For

A number of red flags can come up as you start reading through this section of profiles. You’ll read anything from, “I just want someone to laugh with,” to “I want someone who completes me.” What someone is looking for will indicate their perspective on what romantic relationships should look like and what they want to get from (usually) or give to the relationship. If their answer sounds clingy or needy that may be an indication to select a different candidate.

General Self-Description

Sometimes people don’t fill this out or spend time on it. Other times people will tell you their whole life story in 2000 characters. Look for information that shows you how they view themselves and how happy they are with their current life. Someone who doesn’t share much may be lazy, not comfortable with disclosure, or doesn’t have anything nice to say. Similarly, look out for someone who describes him/herself as God-sent or God’s gift to the world.

The dating world has dramatically changed in the last 5 years. So many people are more mobile than ever. People frequently change workplaces, friends, and living situations. Online dating has grown as an option for many people looking to meet others outside of their brick-and-mortar everyday environments. This smart guy Morris Rosenberg developed a self-esteem scale in 1965. The scale items have influenced my selection of dating profile elements above. See the scale here.

5 Ways to Avoid Tanorexia

Always wear protective eye wear

I know you’ve seen the signs posted near the booth that tell you to make sure you wear your eye wear. It’s not just to protect your eyesight. It’s also to make sure you don’t start seeing imaginary things – like imagining your skin is too pale or not tanning.

Don’t use indoor tanning lotion with caffeine

Caffeine is a highly addictive substance. It’s added to many tanning lotions. You know that “feel good” moment you have after tanning? It may just be the UVs but it’s likely that kick of caffeine in your blood stream.

Tan every other day; Not every day

Humans easily get attached to habits. We like routine. If you tan everyday, you’re sure to get too much exposure. Also, you will significantly increase your risk of cancer. Give your skin a break and tan every other day if you must.

Get some sun outside every once in a while

Getting some natural sunlight can disrupt the chronic cycle of tanning addiction. Getting some natural sunlight might lessen your craving for rays and you’ll be able to skip a day of tanning. Just make sure you wear sunblock.

Don’t compare yourself to Snookie

No matter what you do, don’t compare your tone to sun bathing beauties or spray-on tanners. You’ll more often than not feel like you want to be more tan. This feeling will support your desire to tan more often (the opposite of what you want).

Be safe. Enjoy the sun indoors & out. But, realize when you have a serious problem.

Disclaimer: If you or someone you care about has any type of addiction, please seek professional help. This post is in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or make light of any form of disease.