Vacation Season is Here – Brush Up on Your Fun-Management Skills [Infographic]

Whether you are putting on your autoresponder and heading down to the beach or pressing play on some new email marketing programs this summer, snatch up these project (a.k. fun) management tips for delightful productivity all season long.

Planning an Email Campaign vs. Planning a Vacation #Infographic

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I See Bananas Every Day! Do You?

photoConsumers are choosing apps that fit their lifestyle. I have over five apps on my phone and mobile devices that help me to track my health and fitness. But, like any good American, before downloading another app, I’m always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Pact app rewards users for their healthy lifestyle choices. Users who don’t fulfill their Pact goals are fined while users that meet their goals are rewarded. This sounds like the type of thing your mother would teach you, right?

I’ve been using the app, formerly known as GymPact since 2012 (you can see my review here). Pact has helped me to keep up with my exercise schedule and to be accountable for meal tracking.

Now, Pact has introduced a new incentive program for users to track and document the fruits and vegetables they eat. It’s as simple as: Snap, Upload, Vote.

Users take a picture of the fruit or vegetable that they are eating and share it to the app. Then, other users get to vote whether the picture counts toward the fruit or vegetable commitment.

The result. You get to see a lot of weird food pictures.

Mostly bananas.


Adding this social element to the app has changed my experience as a user. It’s made me spend more time on the app because I want to vote for more users’ pictures. It’s also given me great ideas for smoothies and other healthy eating ideas.

Introducing a community and social element to any app will give users a sense of being apart of a clan or group. In this case, imagine if all the people who uploaded banana pictures united. That’s bound to be over 2,000 people. Social elements can be introduced into apps to reinforce healthy behaviors or promote relevant products or services.

Want more bananas in your life? Get the Pact app today.

How will you get things done in 2014?

So, it’s New Year’s Eve and most people have spent the week preparing for tonight’s parties or making sure they have their resolutions in place. Each year around this time, I’m challenged to take stock of where I’m at and where I’d like to go.  Unfortunately, step one requires a bit of introspection and getting myself organized.

Every year, I revisit David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I first encountered the book before college and found the concepts and process easy to follow and rewarding. I found myself thinking, “You mean, I don’t have to try to hold all those open loops in my head? Amazing!”

My first application of GTD® principles was with a Palm Z22. Needless to say, my iPhone 5 has  far outmatched that late great palm. However, I still find myself needing an ecosystem or software to help me integrate email, notes, calendar, etc. all in one place. That’s where IQTELL comes in!

This year, I’ll be managing all of my “stuff” through a web-based system that’s built with GTD® in mind. Now, I can label and organize everything and determine what goes into “Next Actions” or what to place in “Waiting For” straight from the easy to use web interface you can see below.


I’m excited to use this tool in 2014 for business and personal projects! How will you get things done in 2014? What productivity tools have worked for you over the years? Cheers to your New Year!

Want more? Sign up for this IQTELL webinar to learn about how GTD® and IQTELL can work for you!

Square Stand: Sleek New Look for Cash Registers

It’s no surprise that Jack Dorsey and Square have introduced an attractive new product to compete with archaic, clunky cash registers of the past. The Square stand (with built in card reader) lets you insert your iPad (with free POS app) and attach a cash drawer and receipt printer to get all the functionality of a traditional register.

The Square Stand seems ideal for small businesses and current users of Square Register. It’s unclear how quickly companies who’ve made investments in existing POS systems will adopt this new technology. But, look out for the Square Stand popping up at your favorite local coffee or smoothie shop.