Look out Silicon Valley, You’ve Got Competition

Where do you expect the next technology giant will emerge from? According to a recent article by Jimmy Daily of State Tech, there’s a whole network of Silicon-esque hotbeds in the United States. Some locations you’d be able to guess and others you wouldn’t, here’s the full list:

  • Silicon Alley — New York City, New York
  • Silicon Bayou — New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Silicon Beach — Los Angeles, California
  • Silicon Canal — Seattle, Washington
  • Silicon Desert — Phoenix, Arizona
  • Silicon Forest — Portland, Oregon
  • Silicon Harbor — Charleston, South Carolina
  • Silicon Hill — Washington, D.C.
  • Silicon Hills — Austin, Texas
  • Silicon Prairie — “The Heartland”
  • Silicon Shire — Eugene and Springfield, Oregon
  • Silicon Slopes — Utah

Each of these places named in reverence to Silicon Valley can quickly become the ideal springboard for the nation’s next biggest innovation.

Read more on each “Silicon” here.


Viral Video Star Gets Job Offer from Queen Latifah

Marina Shifrin resigned Next Media Animation via goofy video gone viral
Marina Shifrin resigned Next Media Animation via goofy video gone viral

Marina Shifrin gave the old adage, “to thine own self be true,” a little test when she left her employer without another job secured elsewhere. Luckily for Shifrin, she didn’t have to wait too long before she received an offer with the Queen Latifah show, which is “ranked as the second most popular debut of a talk show” according to the LA Times. Prior to the offer, Shifrin stated, “Sometimes I think you need to forcefully close one door, in order for another to open a little easier.”

See a clip from the Queen Latifah show below:

If you haven’t seen the original video yet, make sure you catch Marina Shifrin’s dance-break-infused-frustration-driven-resignation.


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